Temperament And Standards Of A Rottweiler

This is one of the biggest questions out of many that you may have when you think about getting a rottweiler. Let me share something that we all know deep down inside but is not willing to admit, this breed needs to be raised like

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How to Care for My Rottweiler Puppy

First and foremost, NO dog deserves to be caged or tied up all daylong!!! They are part of your family not just some toy you buy to play whenever you want and ignore them when you don’t need them. If you cannot commit to at

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Does Rottweiler Puppies/Dogs have health issues?

Tell me guys; do you think there is a perfect animal living in this planet without any health issues? That’s right; each and every creature has their own health problems, which is part of life. So, these beautiful dogs are no exception. But, if you

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