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A place where dogs are more than canines, an establishment where our fur-babies are part of a loving family.
Gratitude for visiting Vom Hause Hamilton, owned by Mereen & Sajith Gamage. At Vom Hause Hamilton, we treat every dog as if they were a part of our ever-growing family. With over 15 years of raising Rottweilers as household pets, we have decided to venture into breeding and training these majestic dogs for families who share the same love as we do. Starting off as a small family, my wife Mereen, 8-Year-old daughter Faith and I have always loved dogs, particularly Rottweilers or Rottie’s as I prefer to call them. These friendly giants are not only perfect guard dogs but also a loving and faithful addition to any family if trained right.
We Offer Special Price For Active/Retired Military Members and Emergency Responders! It’s the 1st step of our initiative to give back to the community. At Vom Hause Hamilton we thrive to do the ethical and right thing to this majestic Rottweiler breed and to our Society.


We DO NOT Breed all year around, but when we do, what we produce is priceless. So, come see us or contact us via any possible way convenient for you.

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