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A place where dogs are more than canines, an establishment where our fur-babies are part of a loving family.
Gratitude for visiting Vom Hause Hamilton, owned by Mereen & Sajith Gamage. At Vom Hause Hamilton, we treat every dog as if they were a part of our ever-growing family. With over 15 years of raising Rottweilers as household pets, we have decided to venture into breeding and training these majestic dogs for families who share the same love as we do. Starting off as a small family, my wife Mereen, 8-Year-old daughter Faith and I have always loved dogs, particularly Rottweilers or Rottie’s as I prefer to call them. These friendly giants are not only perfect guard dogs but also a loving and faithful addition to any family if trained right.
Situated in the beautiful suburbs of Melbourne, we strive to provide quality over anything else. We do not live off our dogs or depend on our dogs to provide an income to live our daily lives. I own my own Automobile company and my wife is an Early Childhood Educator who loves working with children. I’m currently enrolled in 22214VIC Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training, which is accredited by National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia.

In Vom Hause Hamilton, we do not produce bulk rottweiler litters, unplanned litters or just pick random rottweilers to breed puppies for the sake of money. All our dogs are handpicked and raised by experts in the rottweiler breed. We have invested a lot of time and money to achieve what we have now, and we are adamant in ensuring that the Rottweiler pure bred lines are not crossed or out crossed for the sake of money. Since we decided to share our love for this majestic breed with all of you, we have decided to move to an acreage where we will have ample room for our expanding family and dogs to roam around freely. Yes, our dogs roam free in our property.

Yes, they have their own large doggie homes for them to reside in if they want to. At the House of Hamilton, we do not cage these companions or tie them up. As humans we hate been locked up then why do we lock up these wonderful companions just because they have four legs and can’t talk? Tell me honestly, in your heart do you feel that it is the right thing to do?

We DO NOT Breed all year around, but when we do, what we produce is priceless. So, come see us or contact us via any possible way convenient for you. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We will help you with your inquiry regardless of whether you want to buy a rottweiler puppy from us or need information on raising this magnificent breed. 

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