How to Care for My Rottweiler Puppy

First and foremost, NO dog deserves to be caged or tied up all daylong!!! They are part of your family not just some toy you buy to play whenever you want and ignore them when you don’t need them. If you cannot commit to at least 10+ years till the dog passes away (unfortunately they don’t live long as we live), do everyone a favor and go get yourself a robot toy. There are plenty of robot toys out there for you to pick from.

It is really important that rottweilers live with their people with a dedicated area for them to sleep in. If you leave them alone in the back yard all the time without any attention given to them, they will become super bored and go on a rampage by destructing property and end up very aggressive.
TRAIN THEM, TRAIN THEM AND TRAIN THEM!!! Rottweilers thrives on mental stimulation. Rotties will do anything to learn new things and to please its master and family. But of course, Rotties at times will give you an attitude like “Show me why I have to do this?”.

Be the leader, be firm, be consistent but be fair to your Rottweiler, because he/she will do anything to please you from their quick ability to learn.
Rottweilers are not that hard to house train, keep up a consistent schedule and lots of positive reinforcement when it goes outside to do its job.
It’s ideal to have a fence around your house if you want to have a rottweiler. For two reasons, one is rotties are territorial dogs and they will protect it with their life against any unwelcome intruders.

Other is you don’t want anything to happen to your fur baby while you are away from home (call from the local council about a big dog roaming free on the streets or your dog ran in to the traffic is the main one to avoid). Be proud of owning this Majestic breed and put up a sign if you can, let the world know that you are a proud owner of a Rottweiler (‘Rottweiler On Duty’ is my personal Favorite).

Rottweilers can have energy levels from a couch potato to a thundering whirlwind. Lol. A fully grown-up Rottweiler needs around 10 to 20 minutes of physical activity each day (e.g.: Walks, hikes, play fetch). For your luck, if you end up getting a high energy rottweiler, you might need to increase bit more time on physical activity per day.
When you get an 8-week-old puppy PLEASE DO NOT EXERCISE HIM/HER FOR MORE THAN 5-8 MINUTES PER DAY. They are very fragile and needs lots of rest and cuddles.
Avoid taking the puppy to public places until all the vaccinations are complete, which is from 12 weeks of age. Don’t let it jump off the stairs, make it run on slippery surfaces, toss them around, get them to jump in or out from vehicles. These ignorant things can cause major harm to a young puppy. Failure to do so is considered as negligence by the puppy owner and therefore the PUPPY GUARANTEE WILL BE VOID. So please remember, treat your new rottweiler puppy as the same way you would treat your own human baby. Now the next questions you may have is what to feed, when to feed and how much to feed? This one is a big topic I would like to discuss in my blog. So, have a great read ��

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